About Us

Mike Ward

Spiderban was established in 1995, in North Canterbury by Mike Ward, that area is now controlled by Brian and Rose Walker, Spiderban also is operating in the Tasman area, by John Sigglekow.

Mike now operates from Mid Canterbury, Timaru, Oamaru, Dunedin Queenstown and right down to Invercargill, with three full time technicians, each area is no different in costing to others, with no travel costs incurred *( some interior shingle roads may incur extra costings)

We are the pest control business that takes care of your pest problems especially spider's (White tail spiders!) and other pests such as silverfish, rodents, ants, flies, wasps, etc... that you have around your dwellings, or commercial outbuildings may incur extra cost).

Our business practices have others following, as we are ahead of our competitors. As with our pricing we are value for money, our service includes Free cobweb removal, our warranty is one of the longest because we pay the extra to purchase New Zealand made products, and have bought the recommended Atomisor to apply the product on to the surface with for the interior.

A lot of our customers are now converted from never wanting the interiors treated, too don't want to miss out at the beginning of the season, the reason for this is our treatment Doesn't Smell, Doesn't Leave Runs, and No Mess, in fact some of customers ask us if we have done the inside as we have done a job that they were not expecting (From Their Last Experience), and realize they did not need to worry, as each season starts more and more customers are switching Pest Control Companies, to use Spiderban Ltd.

What does the interior Control?
It covers all spiders, and flies, other insects may require extra areas of treatment.

Why do you remove the cobwebs when other companies say to leave them there?
The reason for this is our point of difference, since we started in 1995 we have done this, because we spray everything from the top of the guttering to the ground area, while others put a barrier round the house and spray the webs, and they are finished in 15-20 minutes, an average time for us is an hour.

If you are thinking of getting your house spider proofed, and are after a quote, ring around, ask how long their warranty is, do they remove the webs, and the cost.
All of Spiderban's technicians have approved handlers certificates, and recieve training throughout the year.


Spiderban Ltd

Spiderban Pest Control can spray interior and exterior of your HOME or BUSINESSES buildings, we also provide written warranty on our work, one (1) year for exterior, but this warranty does not cover outdoor furniture, fences, clotheslines, pagodas, etc., and six (6) months for the interior.

Part of our service includes FREE COBWEB REMOVAL (15 minutes approximately), this has been the difference between Spiderban and other companies, we like to show how long our treatment works, (by no cobwebs returning) as we spray all areas on a house, not just where the webs are.

We use extension wands enabling us to spray 2 story homes, safely without the use of ladders (OSH REGS) and use special adapters for use in windy conditions. 

Our Technicians are approved handlers' and the product we use is made locally using the latest technology and ingredients. The active ingredient synthetic Pyrethroid is a man-made copy of nature's own pesticides, pyrethrum.