About Us

Mike Ward

Spiderban Pest Control was established in 1995 by Mike Ward in the Christchurch area. The new area now covered is Mid Canterbury South including Dunedin through to Queenstown.

We are the pest control business that takes care of your pest problems especially spider's (White tail spiders!) and other pests such as silverfish, rodents, ants, flies, wasps, etc... that you have around your dwellings, or commercial buildings.

Spiderban Canterbury

Spiderban Pest Control can spray interior and exterior of your HOME or BUSINESSES buildings, we also provide written warranty on our work, one (1) year for exterior, but this warranty does not cover outdoor furniture, fences, clotheslines, pagodas, etc., and six (6) months for the interior.

Our Technicians are approved handlers' and the product we use is New Zealand made using the latest technology and ingredients. The active ingredient synthetic Pyrethroid is a man-made copy of nature's own pesticides, pyrethrum.

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